Save-A-Pet has two youth volunteering programs; KidsCare and Junior Volunteers. KidsCare is for kids between the ages of 11-13 while Junior Volunteers accepts youth between the ages of 14–17. Programs provide for a wide variety of experiences and learning opportunities. Proper pet care is taught alongside experiences and tasks where youth can grow and expand their life skills.


KidsCare is for youth volunteers entering 6th, 7th, or 8th grade in the fall. In order to be a KidsCare Volunteer, kids must attend Camp I Care which is held for four days in June. Once a child has successfully completed Camp I Care, they are then able to volunteer regularly throughout the year. 4-8 kids per week will be called upon to come on Saturdays (year round – rain, snow or shine) to walk the dogs and interact with the cats. Please understand we have over 50 kids in our KidsCare Program, so the kids will be rotated each week, and are not expected to be available each week. We have nine play areas out back where the kids and dogs can run and play together which is an important part of helping to socialize, exercise, and improve the quality of life for the dogs during their stay at the adoption center.

Kids MUST be up-to-date with their tetanus shot and their animals at home also need to be up-to-date on vaccinations.

Kids Care volunteers are only allowed to volunteer during the approved scheduled sessions and under the direction of the assigned adult volunteer(s) for that program on that day. 


The 2016 Kids Care program is filled.

KIDS CARE CAMP will be held on June 21- June 24 (Tuesday-Friday), from 10am-1pm at the adoption center.

For questions regarding our KidsCare Program, please email us at .

Junior Volunteer Program Overview:

We are now accepting applications for the Junior Volunteer Program. In order to apply, you will need to send an email to Heather Friedrich, Junior Volunteer Coordinator, at: The fee for the Junior Volunteer Program is $50. Space is limited in this program. All accepted applicants will be emailed the dates and times for attending our required training.

You must be able to commit to 1 year minimum and 4 hours minimum per month.
The Save-A-Pet Junior Volunteer Program is for highly motivated, outgoing, hardworking high school students (ages 14-17). Unlike the KidsCare Program, which is for kids in 6th grade and above, the Junior Volunteers (JV) have responsibilities beyond dog walking and cat socialization. JVs may only volunteer during posted, scheduled JV time, under the supervision of adult volunteers and staff. Junior Volunteers will be called upon year round to help with practically any need at the Grayslake adoption center; in addition, smaller groups of JVs help out at the Kildeer & Vernon Hills Petsmart cat rooms. JV activities include the following:

  • Helping run the Vernon Hills & Kildeer Petsmart Cat Adoption Rooms
  • Preparation for special events
  • Helping out with fundraisers
  • Dog walking
  • Cat socialization
  • Cleaning/adoption center maintenance
  • Office work/filing
  • Adoption Center Greeters
  • Gardening
  • Laundry

JVs volunteering at the Grayslake location need to be able to make the commitment of volunteering for at least 4 hours each month for at least 12 months. JVs volunteering at the Petsmart locations need to be able to make the commitment of volunteering at least three hours each month for at least 12 months. Applications are available at our adoption center; these applications require a parent/guardian signature. In addition, no one under 18 may volunteer at the adoption center without a signed parent waiver.

Potential JVs do NOT attend the monthly ADULT orientation.

For the Petsmart programs, training is provided at the location, the first time you volunteer. As for the Grayslake JV program, it has its own JV orientation and training which will be scheduled at a later date/time.

None of the JV locations accept applicants for court-ordered community service.

Visit our Junior Volunteer Website at for more information.