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Save-A-Pet is committed to supporting the community and its love of animals. We strive to make every adoption a successful placement and compassionately offer our expertise to any pet guardian who has questions regarding their cat or dog. Below you will find a variety of information; if you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

HomeAdvisor makes it easy for pet owners  to find local pros who specialize in exactly the type of work you need done. With more than two million verified pro reviews and one of the industry’s most comprehensive screening processes, HomeAdvisor gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you hired a pro you can trust.  HomeAdvisor is also a sponsor of the 2017 Tuxedo for Tails Gala!  Simply click HERE to get started.

Specialized Save-A-Pet Adopter Resource

Two Paws Up Dog Training, Inc. and Save-A-Pet have partnered-up, with the support of generous donors, to offer select, adopted dogs in-home behavior training sessions at no cost to the adopter.  This helps insure that you and your new furry-family-member get the best start possible, along with continued support for the life of the pet by including up to 6 sessions, available anytime!  Ask our adoption counselors about currently eligible, available dogs at 847-740-7788 ext. 100, or email

Two Paws Up Dog Training, Inc. is “Northshore’s premiere force-free training facility, specializing in creating bonds with positive reinforcement”.  Two Paws Up is a wonderful resource for any pet owner facing challenges with their pet, whether they have been in your family for years or are newly adopted.  If you feel like there is no alternative other than to relinquishing your pet, this may be very helpful.

Two Paws Up is located in Lake Bluff, between I-294 and Waukegan Road, in the Don Fiore building.  Save-A-Pet animals and staff benefit from their experience and insight and we are sure that you and your pet will too.

Click HERE to visit their website, and click HERE to visit their Facebook

Pet Friendly Housing Resources

City Leash

People With Pets



Cat Resources

Welcoming your New Cat Home

Preventing Behavior Problems in Your Cat

Introducing a Cat and a Dog

Introducing a New Cat

Inappropriate Cat Elimination

Aggression Towards Other Cats

Dog Resources

Welcome Home

Preventing Problems with Your Dog from Day One

Introducing Dogs to Each Other

Crate Training: The Benefits for You and Your Dog

Getting the Behavior You Want From Your Dog

Preventing Dog Bites on Children



Lost & Found

Helping lost pets (HeLP) is a National Pet Registry that is FREE for all to use and is map based.  Their mission is to have one website where ALL Lost and Found Pets are listed. They also have adoptable pets listed too.

The Numbers

In late 2011, a cross-section of animal welfare agencies banded together to create and share a National Shelter Database that would enable the measurement of progress in animal welfare, to inspire life-saving collaboration and have a positive impact over pet homelessness over time.  To view Save-A-Pet, simply go to the data and select Lake County, Illinois.

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