• Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Gender: Female
  • Colors: White (Mostly)

  • Age: Young

  • Good With:
  • Other:

I am also part of the Cloud Kittens group and so we are all hanging out in a different room. In a way, this makes me feel special that we have our special room but it doesn’t make it easy for people to see how fun and loving we are. I am super playful, I love hanging out with my sisters and of course, I also enjoy all the petting I can get.Since we tested positive for feline leukemia, we are actually hanging out in a different room. There is still a possibility that the result was a false positive but they have to wait till we are older to retest us. So in the meantime, I would still love to find a family, hopefully with one of my sisters. Best part is that they are waiving our adoption fee.

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