• Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Gender: Male
  • Colors: Brindle

  • Age: Senior

  • Good With:
  • Not Good With:
  • Other:

I came from an open admissions facility where volunteers worked very hard at finding a no-kill rescue for me. I spent some time in a foster home and was the happiest guy, lounging on a big doggy bed and getting belly rubs. I love going for walks, relaxing under a tree and enjoying the breeze. Rolling in the grass is not bad either though I wonder why people don’t join me in this activity. I am also of the opinion that laps are not automatically reserved for small dogs. I am just looking for a quiet lifestyle with someone that enjoys the simple pleasures of life.Update: Guess what, some may have thought I was not good with other dogs but let me tell you something, I am actually doing not too bad in some of the doggie play groups here. We are just having fun like kids would at recess. (Of course, this still means that I may not like every single dog but do you like every single person?) So if you have a dog, why don’t you bring him in so we can meet and see how we may do together.

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