• Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Gender: Female
  • Colors: Black & White Or Tuxedo

  • Age: Senior

  • Good With:

Conventions, who cares about them? There are so many rules in life about what you can and cannot do…and I protest most of them! Who said I have to play or snuggle up with cats when I really love dogs? After all, I used to live with a large one and I just loved hanging out with him. Cats are okay but I don’t interact much with them. I guess you could say that they are not really my plate of tuna. I also love to play, laser light, cat toys, turbo toys, I’m not picky. Even a paper bag (doesn’t matter if empty or not), and I’m in! I’m quite a confident girl that knows what she wants, or doesn’t want, and when. I’m not quite the snuggler type during the day, at least in the way most people expect it from cats. At night, this is a different story and I will often come and lay on your chest or next to you, whether you are sitting in your recliner or trying to get to sleep. So if you just want an ordinary or average cat, don’t pick me. If, on the other hand, you want a one of a kind cat, then you won’t be disappointed!

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