• Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Gender: Female
  • Colors: Tortoiseshell

  • Age: Senior

  • Good With:

Pile of cats…Lillian can often be found as a “building block,” all curled up and cuddling with other cats while everyone purrs in unison. Found as a stray, Lillian was at first very scared, always running away from everyone. Since then, she is starting to turn around thanks to consistent one-on-one interactions from our socialization group. As a no-kill organization, it is our mission to help them trust people, and we are always looking for those special homes who are willing to give a more reserved cat a place. Everybody who has always says that the rewards are just so overwhelming every time they take that step, meowing at you, rubbing against you, etc. That’s exactly what is happening with Lillian now. If things are quiet, she is starting to enjoy some gentle petting. The breakthrough has happened! Now what she really needs is to find a home with people who are compassionate and willing to be patient with her. In return, Lillian promises to be a great friend to your cat(s) and to surprise you when you least expect it by taking the first (of many, as most people will attest) step of showing you that she trusts you and enjoys her new life.

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