Katie – Permanent Foster

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  • Gender: Female
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Do you hear that? Katie does. With ears this adorable, it is hard for Katie not to be completely in tune with the world around her. Although the people at Save-A-Pet work on her confidence every day, she can still be wary of new people and places. But once she feels comfortable, Katie becomes a whole different dog. Katie is made to be someone’s best friend. She would love nothing more than hanging tight by your side while walking like an all-star on leash. This smart girl fully engages in the challenge of the doggie puzzles in the therapy room. Katie would thrive in an adult-only home that could provide her with a safe place of her own when company comes to visit. She chooses her feline and canine friends carefully, so a meet and greet prior to adoption would be best. Katie has a lot of love to give and wants to hear you calling her name. Won’t you drop by and meet Katie today?

Since I have degenerative myelopathy, I am available for adoption or permanent foster.