• Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Gender: Male
  • Colors: Black - With White

  • Age: Senior

  • Not Good With:

Tennis ball? Someone said tennis ball? There you go, I see it in your hand! See, I’m sitting, I’m smiling…come on, throw it, please, please, pleeease! As soon as your arm goes up in the air, I just start running. Hey, that’s not fair, you didn’t throw the ball—there you go, perfect, run, run, run. Yeah, I got it and I always bring it right by your feet and drop it. Do you think it is not close enough? Here, let me nudge it so it touches your shoe. Okay, I’m ready, I’m always ready! Yeah, this time I caught it up mid-air. Thanks for the applause; I just love getting praised. I spent so many years in a dark basement that I have a lot of “catching” up to do and to know me is to be as passionate about tennis balls as I am. When I’m done playing with my dog walker friends, it’s time for some loving—and what better way than for me to climb in your lap and give you kisses. I’ll settle for right next to you on the couch too. I am a bit of a shy guy, so on our first date, it would help if you could bring a few tennis balls and a few treats. I’ll be waiting for you.

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