• Breed: Silky Terrier
  • Gender: Male
  • Colors: Silver & Tan (Yorkie Colors)

  • Age: Senior

  • Good With:
  • Not Good With:
  • Other:

They call me Jax, but with flowing locks like mine, I’m truly the “Fabio” of Save-A-Pet. Handsome may be my game, but like any eligible bachelor; I can be picky when it comes to finding the right person for me. I’m looking to be your one and only pet in an one-person home. If this home sounds like yours, trust me—I will be the addition your family is looking for. Once you’ve gained my trust, I’ll hop right up on your lap and lavish love on you. Calm and positive is the energy I need, and together we can build a lifetime of memories. Ask to set up a meeting with me soon—we’ll call it our first date!Update: Guess what, some may have thought I was not good with other dogs but let me tell you something, I am actually doing pretty well in the doggie play groups here. We are just having fun like kids would at recess. (Of course, this still means that I may not like every single dog but do you like every single person?) So if you have a dog, why don’t you bring him in so we can meet and see how we may do together.

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