Hamilton – Permanent Foster

  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Gender: Male
  • Colors: Gray

  • Age: 4+ years
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Everything was perfect in my world, I had my feline mom, I had my human family and then some major changes happened, my mom passed away, and they thought I was jealous of the small child, anyway it was just too much for me. My family said I loved people, even strangers and loved getting all the attention I could get. I am also super playful, especially with those feather toys, I can definitely show some acrobatic moves. I had a second adoption that didn’t work out, maybe I was not quite over the loss. Since I am back in the feline leukemia room, I adjusted really well and I am just like a regular cat, playing, eating well, etc. Some of us really need both human and feline friends in order to thrive, so come visit me in the feline leukemia room.  I am available for adoption or Permanent Foster.