• Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Gender: Female
  • Colors: Black & White Or Tuxedo

  • Age: Adult

  • Not Good With:

Some people just want everything to be easy in life…Bo-ring, I say. Where’s the fun, the discovery, the amazement? Looking serious and then bazinga! I get them every time. It’s just too funny. Come on; yes, I enjoy attention and petting, but no need to overdo it. I’m kind of the independent type, happy to watch the birds and squirrels when no one is around and I won’t fuss if you decide to go out after work. I exude confidence, so the other cats pretty much leave me alone (and vice versa). I know what I want and when I want it, but I’m more than willing to learn to compromise a bit. I don’t hide and can often be found right in the middle of the cat room, sometimes looking deep in thought…just trying to re-run different scenarios on how I could break out. I’ve looked into quite a few possibilities, but the best one is still finding someone to adopt me.

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