Doc Fang – Permanent Foster

  • Breed: Rat terrier
  • Gender: Male
  • Colors: black & white

  • Age: 6

  • Not Good With:
  • Other:

Mom, look what I got…a puppy! That was me…and well, the family already had a couple of other dogs so couldn’t keep me. I did spend some time in a foster home where they said I was great with cats and kids but somewhat bossy with other dogs, even with their big German Shepherd. I then found a home with a family and they had me for two years. When they brought me back, they only had bad things to say about me. I never really got to go on walks and when I kept on leaving the back yard, they had an electric fence put up. Most people would have noticed that my stress level got higher. So some dogs start barking and that’s what I did. They then put a bark collar on me, now I was getting shocked whether I was inside the home or outside. I just didn’t know anymore what to do or not do. How could I feel comfortable or trusting of anyone in this type of environment? I need someone that fully understand positive training and that will be committed to ensuring that I get plenty of fun and positive outlets to fulfill my energy needs without getting shocked or scared. A quiet home that will help me be the best I can be would be just perfect. One of the volunteers that spends a lot of time with me reports the following:Doc is a wonderful young dog, smart, affectionate and funny. He walks nicely on the leash, and knows many obedience maneuvers: Come, Sit, Down and Stay. He enjoys walking, playing “chase” and sitting quietly on the couch in the interaction room, just cuddling. He loves to be scratched and have his spine massaged, but he hates being hugged.If you are new to him he can feel fearful and timid, and it could take a couple of visits (with treats!) to convince him you are a friend. Due to his experiences with the family he was with he developed a fear of strangers and a dislike for being petted too enthusiastically too soon.I usually let him set the pace, let him come to me, let him make the advances.I hope he can find an understanding owner who will treasure his many fine points and be patient with his fears.  Doc Fang is on a special diet for pancreatitis and is available for permanent foster.