• Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Gender: Female
  • Colors: Gray/Silver/Salt & Pepper - With White

  • Age: Adult

  • Good With:

Very energetic, sweet, cuddly and SMART! These are a few things my family had to say about me. I quickly learned to use the bell by the door to go outside. Then I figured out how to train them and would ring the bell just to go outside and run around in the yard. I can see you smile. Some men make me uncomfortable so a few treats help me in getting more comfortable with them. If you have had dogs before, all these things are pretty straightforward: providing a fun and loving environment and structure go a long way for all dogs. When I play, I give it my 1,000% so while I love other dogs, I can be a bit much for some dogs. If you have a high energy dog that needs a playmate, we would probably be perfect together. I did great with kids too, older would be better since this way we can really be play buddies.

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