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Summer COnditions

Summer Conditions

More than twenty years of exposure to the outside elements, has taken its toll on Save-A-Pet’s exterior kennels.  The floor is extremely chipped and cracked.  Rust is problematic due to ongoing condensation.  The exterior chain link fence that secures the perimeter of the kennels can’t prevent high winds, rain, sleet and snow from coming into the kennels during the long harsh winter months.


Not even after manually affixing large sturdy tarps every year, the lack of a permanent barrier, continues to affect our canines’ quality of life and ability to enjoy the outdoors year-round.  Reluctant to face the extreme cold, ice, and snow, many dogs won’t even venture to the exterior kennels.  Even for our cold-loving canines, their outside view of the grounds is blocked or hindered for nearly six months due to the tarps hung for protection.

The time has come for improvements!  After years of doing our very best to try to temporarily solve this problem, we are emBARKing on a capital campaign called “Two Paws Up!” to enclose the entire perimeter of the exterior kennels! The mission is to protect our canine friends year-round, while at the same time becoming more energy efficient.

With your support, Save-A-Pet can provide the ideal environment and comfort that our romping canines deserve, during all weather conditions.

Help us give all of our dogs an improved quality of life and they in return, will give you a Two Paws Up!

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Construction of our new exterior kennel enclosure is currently underway! And an architectural rendering above illustrates a new custom-designed structure, featuring heat-reflective, shatter-resistant glass windows, and a fully integrated, highly efficient louver system. It is designed to provide tempered airflow, year-round, for the ultimate safety and comfort of all of our canine residents.  In addition, the multiple window system provides an unobstructed view of the grounds and natural lighting.

When completed, the project will also include a new epoxy floor, thermal insulation eliminating condensation, reducing ambient noise and increasing energy efficiency.  The materials selected are extremely durable in order to withstand the daily power washing and deep-cleaning required to maintain a healthy environment.  This new environment will lessen the dogs’ stress and dramatically improve their physical and emotional well-being.

Each and every one of our canines will benefit from this new structure and give all capital campaign donors a huge

Two Paws Up!

Save-A-Pet’s goal is to raise at least $300,000 through its Two Paws Up! Capital Campaign for the Exterior Kennel Enclosure.  To support the campaign please click HERE!. To learn more, please email David Diaz, or via phone at (847) 740-7788, ext. 108.






This large-scale project will enhance our current kennels and allow our canine residents to enjoy their outdoor space year-round!  The illustration above shows the extent of the new structure which spans more than 312 linear feet protecting the north, south and west sides of the exterior kennel area.  Intentionally designed and engineered to be compatible with Save-A-Pet’s existing facility, this structure will greatly improve the integrity of our building while reducing energy costs.

Dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, breeds, and health conditions will be able to enjoy our year-round benefits of this purpose driven design.  Once completed, the dogs residing at Save-A-Pet will happily give a Two Paws Up!

Imagine every Save-A-Pet dog:

  • Enjoying their outdoor environment, no matter what type of weather

  • Basking in the sunlight throughout every season change

  • Enjoying the outdoor view of the grounds, no longer blocked by hanging outside tarps

  • Finding comfort in better air flow, during hot summer days, with just the turn of a dial!



As we emBARK on this endeavor, our goal is to not only enhance the quality of life for all of our dogs but to continue to ensure the safety of our dedicated employees and loyal volunteers.  Each and every day, our canine care staff spends hours in the kennels safeguarding and caring for dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages and breeds.  Volunteers play a vital role in assisting staff walk and interact with the dogs.   The new exterior kennel enclosure makes these everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable.

“This project will make a huge impact on our dogs’ quality of life.  It allows them to utilize their outdoor space without having to endure freezing winds, snow and ice.  Our Canine Care Staff will also appreciate the added benefits of the exterior enclosure.  Simply said, it makes it easier for our staff to care for and work with the dogs.  It also virtually eliminates the need to apply pet-safe rock salt to the floors.”
 Sean Paden, Canine Care Supervisor
 “This project is really important and several donors have already made gifts to help see it come to fruition. We exist solely through the benevolence of others.  We need our supporters to rise to occasion and make this happen for the dogs. Each and every one of our canines will benefit from this new structure and give all capital campaign donors a huge Two Paws Up!”
 David Diaz, Development Manager


Be part of this exciting capital campaign and get a high five from our dogs!



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