August Donations

Generous donations were received in honor of:

  • All of the great work and services Save-A-Pet provides from Daniel Choi
  • Cleocatra from Bill and Michelle Bradtke
  • Jessica and Chris Michels from Kendal Maltas
  • Kona Caspar from Scott and Gail Lasky
  • Mary Ann DiBona from Francine Irvin
  • Milton from Terry Unumb
  • Rich Biemeret’s Birthday from Richard and Susan Biemeret
  • Richard Biemeret’s Birthday! from Ruth Hedberg
  • Ryan Adams from Greg Henkin
  • Save-A-Pet Animal Health from Lillian Messner
  • The abused animals who are rescued by Save-A-Pet from Carol J Remter
  • Vance and Carol Huntsinger from Kenneth and Amy Scovill
  • Vivian (formerly known as Muppet) from Dawn Shannahan