Thank you for your interest in donating to Save-A-Pet. We believe that every animal has a purpose and we strive to give every dog and cat a second chance at a new life. With generous donations from people like you, we have helped over 61,000 animals! Make a difference in the life of an animal by donating.


Did you know that Save-A-Pet is rated, by the nonprofit evaluator Charity Navigator, as a four-star charity? Charity Navigator bases its ratings on nonprofits’ financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency. This puts Save-A-Pet among the best of the best. Thank you for trusting us with your donation, your volunteer time, and your goodwill.  Your trust and support means so much to us and to the animals we serve.

You can find a rating on Charity navigator here or by clicking on the Charity Navigator logo above. Thank you for being part of our mission and for all that you do.

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Become a Partner of our No-Kill Rescue Team today and help Save-A-Pet rescue more animals and change more lives. Partnership starts at $25 for individuals and $75 for a family of three or more. Partners receive items like a Partner’s Patch, logo bracelets, Save-A-Pet pen and more.

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Main Cat Room Condo Initiative

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We are pleased to offer you a unique opportunity to honor or memorialize a loved one, companion animal, or animal lover by naming a condo or living area in our Main Cat Room. In recognition of your generosity, a plaque (with your quote or tribute) will be placed on your chosen selection for a two-year (renewable) period.  Imagine the pride in having a room or area of our adoption center named in honor of yourself, or in honor or memory of a loved one.  Know the joy of providing our cats with cozy, comfortable, and private spaces as they await their forever homes!

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To Name a Condo/Enclosure, 

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Honors and Memorials

Dedicate your gift to an animal lover in your life. Make a donation in honor of an anniversary, birthday, special event, or to honor a special volunteer. You can also make a donation in memory of a loved one.

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Planned Giving


We are strong believers in the bond that animals develop and have with their families and it is therefore important to plan appropriately for continuing care should you no longer be able to do so. Ideally, it is always best if your cat or dog can be placed with a family member or friend, as the stress of not only losing their human family and home but suddenly finding them in a strange environment can be quite overwhelming.

Many people will add a provision in their will, listing specific people to take over their guardianship. Some will also include an animal organization. Should you wish to include Save-A-Pet, we do ask that a specific bequest be included in your will for a $5,000 donation per animal to Save-A-Pet, EIN 23-7304570. This donation will help cover the cost for the care of your cat or dog.

Please note that, just like for all our other residents, we will place them up for adoption as the best life an animal can have is being in a home with his/her own family. During their time with us, we will continue to provide the best care possible, including all veterinary care and a lot of attention from both our staff and volunteers.

For sample charitable bequest language or for information, please email development.manager@saveapetil.org or call 847-740-7788, ext. 108.

Matching Gifts

Double, or maybe even triple, your gift to Save-A-Pet. Many companies will match a gift that an employee makes to a non-profit. Please check with your employer or Human Resource Department to find out more.

Stock Donations

Your stock donation is a tax-deductible gift to Save-A-Pet. Please contact the Development Manager at 847-740-7788 x108 or development.manager@saveapetil.org for more information.