I saw an animal that I am interested in on your website. How can I meet it?

The best way to meet an animal is to visit Save-A-Pet’s Adoption Center located at 31664 N Fairfield Rd. Grayslake, IL 60030. No appointments are necessary and our staff would be happy to introduce you to any animals you may be interested in. The Center is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11-5; Thursday 1-8 and closed on Tuesday.

How can I tell if an animal is good with children, house trained, leash-trained, or good around other animals?

To learn more about a dog or cat’s personality, please stop by the Adoption Center and bring along all family members including any resident dogs (only if meeting a dog) or children for an introduction.  Our Adoption’s staff will work with you to find the right match for your family.

The animal profile states that the pet is “special.” What does this mean?

Each cat or dog available for adoption that is marked as “Special Needs” will have details on the pet’s medical or behavior information.  And Adoption Counselors will address these details with interested adopters.

How long does the process to adopt an animal take?

Allow at least one hour for meeting the pet and filling out paperwork. Adoption paperwork must be started 30 minutes before closing.

What should I bring?

  • Driver’s license or other current picture I.D.
  • If you rent, bring a copy of your lease or your landlord’s name and phone number, and association bylaws if you live in a condo or community that has specific rules.
  • All family or household members who will live with the pet may be asked to come meet the potential adoptive dog or cat at the adoption center (at Save-A-Pet Staff’s discretion).  All children under the age of 12 are required to meet the potential adoptive dog or cat at the adoption center in all situations.
  • Any resident dog in the household needs to meet the potential adoptive dog at the adoption center.